General Information / Information
1.1 Name of the Institution :
Maratha Shikshan Sanstha's Shri Nath B.Ed. College (Marathi Medium) Paithan, Tq.Paithan, Dist.Aurangabad.
1.2 Postal Address in full (Including PIN code)
Contact Office - Maratha Shikshan Sanstha, Vivekanand College Campus, Samarthnagar, Aurangabad-431 001 (Maharashtra)
1.3 Telephone No. / Fax / EMail
0240-2337351, 2325130
1.4 Nearest Railway Station with distance in Kms
Aurangabad Railway Station -52 kms
1.5 Nearest town with distance in km. Iflocated in rural area
Paithan - 0 kms
1.6 Name of the Programme
New Programe B.Ed. Course (Marathi Medium)
1.7 No. of units / intake proposed (indicate whether it is a new programme or for an additional intake in a recognized programme)
It is new Programe - Intake 100 seats
1.8 Academic year (indicating the month) from which the programme is proposed
Academic year 2007-08
1.9 Name of the affiliating / examining body
It will be affiliated to Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.
1.10 Type of Institution (Boy/Girls/Co-ed)
1.11 Whether the No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the State Govt. for starting the proposed programme has been attached
1.12 Details of Application Fee
(a) amount : Rs.40,000/-
(b) Draft No. and date : 101575 Date - 28-12-06
(c) Name of the Bank : Bank of Baroda.

2.1 Please indicate if the institution is to be managed by a Society or Trust / Board. (A copy each of the Certificate of Registration, Memorandum of Association, Byelaws etc. should be attached) : (Appendix 6)
Society as per 1860 and 1960 Act. Bye-laws, Memorandum of Association I certificate of Registration copy attached.

3.1 Please indicate if land is available in the name of the institution either on ownership or on long term lease basis
Society has it's own land - Documents are attached.
3.2 If the course is proposed to be started in a building already constructed, following details / documents may be furnished
Approved Building plan attached as per N.C.T.E. Norms
(a) Approval building plan with the details of area floor/room wise: Plan attached
(b) Total plinth area: Plan attached
(c) Completion certificate from the local authority: Yes
3.3 If a building is yet to be constructed, the following details / documents should be furnished
(a) Site Plan: Yes attached
(b) Approval building plan with details of area floor / room wise: Building Plan is attached
(c) Date of commencement of construction: -
(d) Likely date of completion of construction : -
3.4 Pending construction of own building details of building(s) identified for starting the course
3.5 If more than one building has been identified, distance from one building to the other be given
Not Applicable
3.6 Usable area ofbuilding(s) sq. ft.
16,135 Sq.ft.
3.7 Are water, electricity and toilet facilities available?
Water electricity and Toilet are available
3.8 Location of the building - whether residential or non-residential?
The building is in residential area.
3.9 Following specific details of accommodation may be furnished
Sr.No Types Size Total Area No of Rooms Area in Sq.ft.
1 Classrooms 21'0''x22'0'' 462.00 4 1,848.00
2 Classrooms 31'0''x22'0'' 682.00 1 682.00
3 Activity room 18'0''x22'0'' 396.00 4 1,584.00
4 Principal room 11'0''x21'0'' 231.00 1 231.00
5 General Office 11'0''x21'0'' 231.00 1 231.00
6 Staff Room 11'0''x21'0'' 231.00 1 231.00
7 Store Room 10'0''x11'0'' 110.00 1 110.00
8 Library 11'0''x21'0'' 231.00 1 231.00
9 Reading Room 11'0''x21'0'' 231.00 3 693.00
10 Facility Room 11'0''x21'0'' 231.00 2 462.00
11 Function Hall 31'0''x21'0'' 651.00 1 651.00
12 Extra Room 18'0''x22'0'' 396.00 2 792.00
13 Workshop Centre 30'0''x20'0'' 600.00 1 600.00
14 Music & Drama Room 32'0''x18'0'' 576.00 1 576.00
15 Sport Department 12'0''x18'0'' 216.00 1 216
  Total  9138.00
3.10 Give details of space available for outdoor (play ground.etc.) / indoor games
Well equipped play ground with all indoor and outdoor facility is available
Give full details of furniture available
Furniture available

4.1 Details of full time teaching staff / non-teaching staff, as per NCTE n01111S,if already appointed / selected / identified (A separate statement giving name, date of birth, educational and professional qualifications with year of passing and date of joining to be enclosed)
Selection committee is formed as per N.C. T.E. Norms, Chairman, Secretary and one subject expert in taken in the selection committee. Teaching staff is selected as per N.C.T.E. and S.C.E.R.T. Pune Norms
4.2 Please indicate the steps that are being taken for recruiting teaching staff and non- . teaching staff for the course (Give the procedure of recruitment and composition of selection committee)
Selection committee is formed all the teaching staff is selected as per required qualification of N.C.T.E. Non-teaching staffis also selected.
4.3 Names of primary school/lower primary schools / elementary schools / secondary schools / senior secondary schools identified for practice teaching / internship and their distance from the institution
List of High schools and their distance from college is attached.

5.1 Details of laboratory facilities such as Science Laboratory / Psychology / Laboratory / Education Technology and Media Laboratory along with available equipment and software and.hardware facilities may be given
(a) Science Laboratory: Science laboratory equipment available
(b) Psychology Laboratory: Psychology Laboratory and test available
(c) Education Technology and Media Laboratory: Education Technology and Media Laboratory Equipment available
5.2 Give details of laboratory equipment, computer hardware and software and other teaching aids
Computer Laboratory equipment list attached
5.3 For C.P.Ed. / B.P.Ed. / M.P.Ed. Courses, the following details may be furnished
(a) Details of play fields / multipurpose hall / gymnasium for indoor sports: Not applicable
(b) Details of various equipment for gams and sports: Not applicable
(c) Facilities of Health education and Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory along with the details of equipment: Not applicable
5.4 Give details of books, magazines, journals audio-visual aids, teaching aids and play materials
At present we have 3000 Reference Books and Text Books. Journals, Encyclopedia, Magazines are available. Reading room is ready capacity of 1OO students at a time. Teaching aids and play material are available.

6.1 Indicate the sources of finance and funds available for running the institution / programme
Fees of students as per Government rules and Management provides 20,00,000/- for development of college.
6.2 Has the institution provided endowment and reserve funds? Original Fixed Deposit Receipt for Rs. 5.00 lacs towards Endowment Fund to be enclosed, which will be converted for joint operation after grant of recognition
Rs. 5.00 lack F.D.R. (original copy) attached

7.1 Details of other courses, if any, being run by the institution
Sr.No Name of the Course Intake Duration Affiliating Examinating body
1 Primay School 500 1 Year Zilla Parishad, Aurangabad
2 High School 1000 1 Year Zilla Parishad, Aurangabad
3 Jr. College 1000 1 Year Dy.Director, Aurangabad
7.2 Details of other institutions, if any, being run by the Society / Trust / Board
Sr.No Name of the Course Courses Conducted
1 Maratha Hizh School, Aurangabad 5th to 10th Standard
2 Shri. Ghrishneshwar Vidyalaya, Khultabad 5th to 10th Standard
3 Shri. Nath High School, Paithan 5th to 10th Standard
4 Jawahar Vidyalaya, Pachod 5th to 10th Standard
5 Shri. Gurudev Vidyamandir, Vadizodri 5th to 10th Standard
6 Tukaram Highschool, Dhakephal 5th to 10th Standard
7 Mahatma Phule Highschool, Padampura, A 'bad 5th to 10th Standard
8 Dnyaneshwarwar Highschool, Begumpura, A 'bad 5th to 10th Standard
9 Shahu Vidyalaya, Jayakwadi, Tq.Paithan 5th to 10th Standard
10 Gajanan Vidyalaya, Hasnabad, Tq.Bhokardan 5th to 10th Standard
11 Samarth Vidvalaya, Ambad 5th to 10th Standard
12 Bhimashankar Vidyalaya, Wahezaon 5th to 10th Standard
13 Jambuwant Vidyalaya, Rohilagad 5th to 10th Standard
14 Tryambakeshwar Vidyalaya Navzaon 5th to 10th Standard
15 Late.Pandharinath Patil Vidyalaya, Takli-Ambad 8th to 10th Standard
16 Night High School, Aurangabad 5th to 10th Standard
17 Maratha Primary School, Aurangabad 1th to 4th Standard
18 Shri. Nath Primary School, Paithan 1th to 4th Standard
19 Bhimashankar Primary School Wahegaon 1th to 4th Standard
20 Mahatma Phule Primary School, Padampura, A'bad 1th to 4th Standard
21 Dnyaneshwar Primary School, Begumpura, A 'bad 1th to 4th Standard
22 Shri. Ghrishneshwar Primary School, Khultabad 1th to 4th Standard
23 Vivekanand Jr.College, Aurangabad 11th to 12th (Arts, Comm, Sci)
24 Shri. Ghrishneshwar Jr.College, Khultabad 11th to 12th (Arts, Sci)
25 Shri. Nath Jr.College, Paithan 11th to 12th (Arts)
26 Jawahar Jr.College, Pachod 11th to 12th (Arts)
27 Shri. Gaianan Jr.College, Hasnabad 11th to 12th (Arts)
28 Shri. Gurudev Jr.College, Vadigodri 11th to 12th (Arts)
29 Vivekanand MCVC, Aurangabad 11th to 12th (MCVC)
30 Shri. Ghrushneshwar MCVC, Khultabad 11th to 12th (MCVC)
31 Shri. Nath MCVC, Paithan 11th to 12th (MCVC)
32 Vivekanand Senior College, Aurangabad B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.C.S.,
M.A., M.Com., M.Sc.
33 Vivekanand Institute, Aurangabad B.B.A., B.C.M., B.Sc., B.C.S.,
M.A., M.Com., M.Sc.
34 Late Pandharinath Patil Institute.Aurangabad M.C.M., M.Sc. (Computer)
35 I.M.S.I.T., Aurangabad M.C.A